The Digitell's Worldwild Anticounterfeit Center
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About Digitell

Digitell is a high technology company that focuses on developing AntiCounterfeit technology and network system for enterprises. Digitell's headquarter is located in ShunDe, Foshan, a picturesque and prosperous city in the center of Pearl River delta. The company has the first-level research and development personnel who commit themselves in the leading edge design of AntiCounterfeit technology. Recently, we independently developed the state-of-the-art instant message AntiCounterfeit system that is proved to be reliable and easy to use.

Moreover, our company has established the strategic partnership with high technology companies in Beijing and Shenzhen to share various resources in information, technology, and customers, etc. At the same time, we pay attention to the latest development of technology in the worldwide industry. We make efforts to continuously develop new products and services to keep the leading position in AntiCouterfeit technology.

Digitell's promise is to provide innovative, reliable, and functional technology. Our instant message AntiCounterfeit system integrates the technologies of computer coding system, telecommunication, and instant message. First, the system is designed to effectively detect counterfeits. Second, with the popularity of cell phone, customers can easily check information on the spot of shopping. Finally, this technology can provide proofs for the governments to crackdown forgers. Our instant message digital Anticounterfeit technology is your first choice.

In the high tech 21st century, we endeavor to constantly improve our AntiCounterfeit technology and enhance our products and service in order to provide better support and protection to both customers, manufacturers, and the entire society.

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